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Online Application

Students completing grades 7-12 are eligible to apply for National Geographic Student Travel programs. The application must be filled out by a parent. If a student is under 13 years old at the time of application, please do not fill out an online form, but rather call us at 877-877-8759.

We require all students and National Geographic Student Travel leaders and experts to have received the most updated COVID-19 vaccine (designed to target the most recently prevalent variants) within the last 12 months. For applicants who reside in the US, this is the 2023-2024 formula, as recommended by the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC). Additional information about the updated vaccine can be found on the CDC’s website. For those who reside outside of the US, applicants are expected to have received the most updated vaccine available, in accordance with their respective countries' public health protection agency's recommendations. Prior to the summer, students must submit their date of vaccination to National Geographic Student Travel. Certain destinations may require more specific and potentially more restrictive preparation.

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Please note that our scholarship application process is different from our standard application process. Students applying for our scholarship program must be eligible and applications cannot be submitted online.

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